Geography / Mission / Vision / Who We Are


Legislative District 15 encompasses a large swath of Western Montgomery County. A map detailing the district boundaries is below.






To elect Republicans to office and in so doing make Maryland a true two-party state where the best ideas from both sides of the aisle can be heard.




A Maryland where Montgomery County is not regarded as the piggy-bank for pet projects of politicians from other jurisdictions.
A Maryland where good jobs are plentiful because lower taxes and a friendly business climate encourage investment.
A Maryland where a person’s income is regarded as private property, not open to wanton trespassing by politicians.
A Maryland where comity is the currency of our politics.


Who We are

Those expressed in our basic documents beginning with the Maryland Charter which established the principle of tolerance for dissenting views, later enshrined in the U.S. Constitution as the rights of the individual and with limits on the power of government to abridge those rights.