In 2006, the LD-15 Chair and Precinct volunteers established an 11-member Executive Committee to direct its precinct development and get-out-the-vote activities. In 2007 a Political Action Committee (PAC) was established with the State of Maryland to fund District activities. The PAC is formally known as Republicans of Legislative District 15 PAC.  The Executive Committee drafted bylaws establishing the purpose of the organization as facilitating the growth of the Republican Party in Legislative District 15 by emphasizing the following activities:

  1. Build a fully Functional precinct organization within LD-15
  2. Expand Membership in LD-15 and involvement in the party with the objective of electing Republicans to office
  3. Expand Political contacts with Republican organizations and officials and within the private sector.
  4. Comment on state and county legislation affecting Residents of LD-15
  5. Contribute to the political education and growth of young people interested in state and local government and politics

The Executive Committee is elected by a majority of voting members at the first semi-annual meeting following Maryland biennial elections. The membership approved updated bylaws in 2020.