It's Just Me - Identity Politics from Young Eyes

Not black or brown or white. Me. Not Asian or African or Latino. Just me. Not rich or poor. Not part of any alphabet. Only me. It's just me.

While I don’t always understand grownups, I do notice the ones Daddy calls Democrats always seem to want to put people into groups.  I suppose that makes sense if you’re picking a baseball team; but, otherwise, it doesn’t seem like a very good idea because the object of a team, after all, is to defeat some other team. So, if you divide people, aren’t you really saying, “if they win, I lose?” I don’t see how you can live like that. Everybody would always be fighting with somebody else.

Maybe that’s why I’ve seen so many pictures on TV of people running around in the streets shouting and breaking things. They seem awfully cross about something. And, while I’m not sure what, I do know that when someone is being cross, I just want to go home and close the door. That, of course, doesn’t fix whatever’s wrong; but, how can you talk to someone who’s always shouting?  

Anyway, I was wondering the other day what group the Democrats would put me into. But, when I asked Daddy what would happen if I didn’t want to be in a group, if I just wanted to be me, he seemed to think that was funny because he laughed a lot and hugged me and said that would make me a Republican.