Small Business - Filling a Big Space

Small business fills a big space in our lives. So, we’re happy to see it beginning to return. Actually “small business” is a misnomer. It’s really not so small. There are more than 30 million small businesses in America, over 475,000 in Maryland alone. Here in Montgomery County more than 95% of all businesses have 50 or fewer employees. So “small” is really very big.   But as the doors of the barber shop, the cleaners and the neighborhood restaurant begin to re-open will we remember what it was like when they were closed? Continue reading

Montgomery County Government Equity Agenda - What's Happening Here?

How did it come to this?  Democrats have run Montgomery County Government for decades.  But now we're being told Montgomery County is rife with huge social problems only they can fix. Who are they blaming for the problems?  Council President Navarro and County Executive Elrich are starting a major new initiative to change Montgomery County from the top down.  Change for the better?  That remains to be seen. Learn more tonight,  Wednesday 6/26 at the Germantown BlackRock Arts Center at 7P.   Background on this enormous new agenda is at the link below:   Continue reading

Mr. Elrich and Democratic Socialists of Montgomery County Call for Republicans Removal

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) are a hot topic, but now its getting personal.  County Executive and others called for the removal of Republican Katherine Gugulis from a county advisory committee because she expressed her opinion on ADUs in a letter to the editor.  Last night in Potomac, a member of the county council called her comments "embarrassing."  Get more information on this emerging story in the link below. WashPost_6-20-2019_Gugulis    

Change Electoral College? Fifty States Become One

Once there were thirteen states that made up the British colonial jurisdictions along North America’s Atlantic coast, each distinct and separately governed. In time that number grew to fifty. Now, Democrats seek to replace them with just one by abolishing the Electoral College, which represents states as well as people. Continue reading

Socialism - Polls Say the News Isn't All Bad

  You may have seen headlines like this one reporting the findings of a recent Gallup Poll: Four in Ten Americans Embrace Socialism. That might suggest that free enterprise, which made America the world’s greatest economic power, is losing ground to the system that gave us the Soviet Union, Cuba and Venezuela. But the story is more complex than that. Continue reading

It's Just Me - Identity Politics from Young Eyes

Not black or brown or white. Me. Not Asian or African or Latino. Just me. Not rich or poor. Not part of any alphabet. Only me. It's just me. While I don’t always understand grownups, I do notice the ones Daddy calls Democrats always seem to want to put people into groups.  I suppose that makes sense if you’re picking a baseball team; but, otherwise, it doesn’t seem like a very good idea because the object of a team, after all, is to defeat some other team. So, if you divide people, aren’t you really saying, “if they win, I lose?” I don’t see how you can live like that. Everybody would always be fighting with somebody else. Maybe that’s why I’ve seen so many pictures on TV of people running around in the streets shouting and breaking things. They seem awfully cross about something. And, while I’m not sure what, I do know that when someone is being cross, I just want to go home and close the door. That, of course, doesn’t fix whatever’s wrong; but, how can you talk to someone who’s always shouting?   Anyway, I was wondering the other day what group the Democrats would put me into. But, when I asked Daddy what would happen if I didn’t want to be in a group, if I just wanted to be me, he seemed to think that was funny because he laughed a lot and hugged me and said that would make me a Republican.  

Amie's Letter - A Leftist Veto of National Security

Taking Sides by Amie Hoeber There have been some disquieting headlines recently reporting that left-wing activists are trying to force private companies to adopt their political agenda. Continue reading